More Updates

Merci, a teenage replicant girl who experiences empathy for other characters in the story. She is named to reflect Mercer and Mercerism from Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, the Phillip K. Dick novel Bladerunner is based upon. She is also the only non-tragic character in Bladerunner 2 and predisposed towards being a bit of a Martyr. All of the other characters exemplify Noir style tragic flaws and a egocentric view of their surroundings that fails to really connect with others and leads to their respective downfalls. Stylistically Merci reflects being completed substantially later than the other designs and the results of Will Weston pushing me towards a character design style more suited for feature animation than how I had previously been working. Also trying to diversify the way I render things out.

Rachel's Breakdown in my Bladerunner 2 story upon seeing Deckard (who is a creepier in this story) forcing himself on the replicant version of Rachel in the first film while Merci consoles her. Background now with more returning Deckard looming ominously pre-foot chase.

Breakdown of another artists color palette in pieces of our choise then applied in similar proportion to the original image with our own image and then shifting the proportions to create a different feel.