Orientalist inspired painting wip

So I'm working on an orientalist inspired painting to get the hang of some islamic architecture principles I'm using in a different project and because I had to do an illustration with Camel's for animal magic. Also cause the Gerome show at the Getty is awesome. Just the WIP stuff I got from this afternoon's painting with ideas for character staging and without. The big spirally nonsense at the end of the building indicates where I think a focal character is going to be if I go with that layout. The idea would be a caravan riding by a town that is full of bandits about to steal the caravan's stuff. If I do that I think I need to extend the canvas a bit more to the right side and give more room for the caravan to show up and some empty space or other area of buildings/trap on the far side of them. The other idea leaves the environment the way it is and has the caravan coming into the dark archway on the left to meet the town ruler.


Digital Life Painting

Some assorted paintings from Digital Life with Cliff Neilsen last term from the models in class, I freaking adore this class, and wish I had been painting in PS from live models the whole time I've been at Art Center. There was some interested discussion with the Illustration Chair a couple weeks ago about the possibility of getting a painting workshop in the vein of Cliff's class implemented with pretty strong support among the students from Entertainment Arts there. The workshop would in all likelyhood have the same attendance requirements as the other campus workshops to let his class have more time painting the figure and everyone else more chances at working with the technology in a more direct and traditional way. But depending on what kind of technology was being brought in by students vs supplied by campus will very likely dictate some additional requirements.


Tree House

Some work I did last in the spring based on the prompt of a boat wrecked on an island with the kids having built a tree house out of the wreckage. Color palette is informed off of a desire to push it towards the conclusion of the story, starting out with an escape from a pirate ship with stolen treasure and a climactic action occurring during the flight when their escape boat gets destroyed in a storm and the two kids must struggle to remain together throughout. Will try and get the other images up soon. This is one of the projects I was trying to start pushing a narrative arc into and start working on my storytelling as conveyed by images a lot more.


P38 sketch Model

A fairly quick sketch model I made in Maya of a P38 plane based on a drawing I did in spring of 09. The cockpit shouldn't actually extend past the wings, and the prop design isn't accurate to the actual plane, but I didn't dig up enough reference for that. I just really like the overall shape of the plane and the form. Done for a class assignment on poly modeling in my 3d animation class with Joey Jones.