Giraffe queen

Did a full paint for one of the creatures I designed this term, it's a Giraffe queen cause non-horse centaurs are totally cooler! She rules the Savannah based quadrataurs. I tried to keep a really lanky nature to the character to emphasize the Giraffe elements and leather/tribal materials.


Joruus said...

That's pretty cool! And imaginative.

How 'bout this compromise: Hollow Ichigo FIGHTING Sage Naruto?!


Ryan said...

No idea why I'm commenting on old art, especially when it's not even an art related comment, but...


ICK. That's a terrible word man, you can do better than that!

deanrayj said...

The knights of Acacia!

Rocky O said...

THIS IS FCKIN' AWESOME. THIS IS SO AWESOME. You have no idea HOW AWESOME THIS ISSSS... Or maybe you do, considering you painted it!!! :B

Man. I love this.